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November 2013 News
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Effective November, 2013, our new name is Creative Catholic Works

Please visit our new website, 
For those of you acquainted with this blog, yes, it is the site previously occupied by the California Catholic Women's Forum. In our desire to touch the hearts and educate the minds of both men and women, and to acknowledge our desire to effectively use new communications media, we have changed our name and modified slightly our mission to address these new goals. 

May 2011 News
Blessed John Paul and Mary - Our Musical Tribute Tota Pulchra and Education
The California Catholic Women's Forum was formed with the intent of creating a program of study on the new feminism, as stated when we received non-profit status in 2005. This facet of our work has also recently begun in earnest and the beautiful CD Tota Pulchra is the symbolic foundation stone. Mary, who keeps us on her lap and has made us her responsibility.
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This month we will film the first of what we hope will become a series of DVDs on the meaning of personhood. We believe it is time to include men in the equation, as the complementarity of the sexes requires that men and women, though different in vocation, are equal in dignity. One cannot be a person without the existence of an "other" (listen to our first forum, "Teasing the Document Apart", by Rebecca Teti, to hear more on that!) This first recording is called "The Meaning of Love" and is a philosophical and theological consideration of the reality of marriage. The educator has been immersed in the late Pope's teaching since before he became pope and a more down to earth, knowledgeable presenter you will not find. It will be recorded in the third week of May, God willing. We will send more information on this groundbreaking work in the near future. If you would like particulars on the upcoming recording or would like to support this project financially, write to me at
Please consider donating generously to our forum by visiting . As we gear up to produce these new educational tools, we need sponsorship!
With thanks, and thanks be to God, for he has risen as He said, Alleluia!
CCWF is a non-profit 501 c 3 organization offering educational opportunities and resources on gender-specific issues affecting women. Taxpayer ID #47-0953215

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