About Us

Our Mission 
To produce and present media and events for both men and women that inspire and educate in a new and profound way, utilizing the liberating teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to move the heart and form the mind. 

Our History
As educated women who often heard conflicting messages concerning the teachings of our Catholic faith, we formed the non-profit California Catholic Women’s Forum in 2005, offering conferences and programs based on authentic magisterial teaching. Our Sunday Visitor called us a “model of grassroots new feminism.” In 2010 the Diocese of Oakland School for Pastoral Ministry asked for a course on authentic personhood, which became the seed for Creative Catholics Works, reaching out to men and women through the communications media. The Meaning of Love was filmed in the fall of 2011, followed by Edith Stein and John Paul II in the Modern World in 2012. 
Our new name communicates this exciting new direction. 

“We need visionaries, missionaries, leaders who will burn up every atom of themselves in the furnace of God’s service.” —Archbishop Chaput 

Our Mission statement from 2005:  We are a group of women who are educated, employed wives and mothers fully immersed in the age of the so-called women’s movement. We all know women who have used contraception, had abortions, been divorced, burned out in the “real world” only to ask the question, “Is this all there is?” Ultimately, the question is asked, “Who am I and why am I here?” CCWF is turning to John Paul II’s teachings, including his Apostolic Letter, On the Dignity and Vocation of Women (Mulieris Dignitatem) for a better way to answer these fundamental feminine question in the popular culture. We welcome all inquiring minds looking for truth. 

CCWF is now doing business as Creative Catholic Works — a non-profit corporation organized under the I.R.S. Section 501(c)(3), offering educational opportunities and resources on gender-specific issues affecting women. Taxpayer ID # 470953215